Academy da Vinci Clock

Does your daughter or son enjoy assembling things and putting them into motion? Or do you have an engineer in your life who is always hands on into challenging puzzles? If you are looking for a gift that will captivate this group of people, you are indeed in luck.

Leonard Da Vinci, back then, developed several designs which by any standards were way ahead of time. The Academy Models Da Vinci clock is an excellent representation of some of his great visions. It’s a reproduction of one his sketch ideas which is based on a clock. It utilizes horizontal pendulum, weights, and gears which are intricately interconnected to measure time accurately.

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Detailed information about Academy da Vinci Clock

The power for this clock is connected and controlled from a horizontally designed rotary pendulum, and the speed is controlled by adjusting the connected weight and balancing the pendulum.

The assembly can be quite challenging but once you figure out the whole thing the results are quite rewarding. Once assembled, the clock looks pretty amazing, and it will look fantastic wherever it's displayed. In fact, everyone who sees it will be intrigued, and it will always be a great conversation starter.

The kit completely snaps together. The assembly doesn't require glue, screws paint or batteries. All one needs to do is to follow the instructions provided keenly to ensure that each part is oriented correctly. The idea and the engineering aspect behind each piece and the entire kit is well thought and the results, once assembled will be an admirable clock.


A fun clock that is interesting to assemble

Based on the greatest designs developed by Leonardo Da Vinci

Comes with instructions on how to assemble the parts

Snaps together without the need for paint, glue or batteries

Makes a great display


Some models come with foreign language instructions