Yolk Solar Charger Paper-Thin and Light Portable

All smart devices are an integral part of modern life. They keep people connected to each other and help them navigate the world through a simple touch of a button. Keeping them charged and ready for use is really important nowadays. Wired chargers are a limiting factor and people are in constant need of a modern solution to this kind of problem. This product is called the Yolk Solar Paper. It is a charging device that is powered by the natural light of the Sun and it requires no batteries, wires or electricity. Now everyone can harness the sunlight anytime and anywhere with this 100% portable and wireless charger.

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Detailed information about Yolk Solar Charger Paper-Thin and Light Portable

The Yolk Solar Charger can be considered for anybody on the gift list! It comes in as extremely handy in many situations. It can be used when hiking, camping or anywhere away from the home. It can be used to charge smartphones and tablets too. It is perfect for vacations, business trips, and adventures! This product offers new-found freedom from wires and outlets. Now, with the sunlight, anyone can keep their battery at a decent percent.