Handcrafted Rosewood Pen Set

From time to time, you probably like to gift your coworkers or perhaps your boss. They also deserve some appreciation because, in one way or the other, they make up part of your workday. Most of the times, you will possibly think of getting stationery items as gifts. They are easier to find in the market than other personalized gifts.

A pen, for example, might seem like a simple item but would go a long way in appreciation that special person in your life. This one from Idea Pool has the style you have not found and can work well as a gift to your friend. It is suitable as a gift for any occasion, be it a graduation, birthday, etc.



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Detailed information about Handcrafted Rosewood Pen Set

This luxury pen has a vintage effect and the fact that the entire design utilized rosewood is a bonus. It has a deep brown color which makes it stand out from the rest in the same class. The pen has a 0.07 mm writing point which delivers a soft clear style when you note down. The ink is of high quality and does not skip or stick while you write.

The pen comes with more benefits such as the extra stainless steel blank ink refill. It is designed well, so you have an easy time to replace. The best thing is that you can use it with other colors of ink which are readily available. The pen does not use any particular type of ink, and any standard one will apply.