The Beebo

Have you ever seen or heard of that show called the Shark Tank? If not, you are most likely not alone. It is a show about people who want to be potential future entrepreneurs. They present their ideas and products to 5 Sharks who are actually 5 Top Business Entrepreneurs. If one of the sharks likes the products, they will invest in it, giving the person a new opportunity for their business. One of the many products that have been on the Shark Tank, would be the Beebo. It is a product made for people who have just recently had a baby. This is a product that could potentially make your lives so much easier while having a baby.

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Detailed information about The Beebo

When you have a baby, you immediately realize how much work you now have on your hands. Raising children is no easy task. You have to change their diapers, feed them, clothe them, you have to clean up puke, cuddle them and so much more. With all the busy things you need to do, life will become tiring. When the baby is newly born they begin to start breastfeeding until they are able to drink from a bottle. With the Beebo, you can now free up one of your hands to do something else. The Beebo is a very simple device that has a spot to place a baby bottle and then a strap to go over your shoulder. Simply turn the socket and you can feed your baby hands-free! Beebo comes in pink or gray and is made out of a rubber-like material that is completely BPA-Free, Lead-Free, PVC-Free, and lastly, Phthalates-free.