Talkie by Toymail: Nunu a Unicorn

The Nunu Unicorn talkie walkie is a great product by Toymail. This Unicorn talkie walkie is perfect for communicating with the kids when they are around the house. It has a soft and plush outside that makes it really kid-friendly. Every little child will instantly fall in love with this toy. It is a perfect gift for any child because it will allow the user to contact the parents from any room in the house. This way the children can be left to play out in the yard and can be called inside via this talkie walkie. With this walkie-talkie, parents will always be informed of the children’s whereabouts and can even call kids inside for lunch without having to yell around the house. The Nunu unicorn will be cherished as a gift and will serve a great practical role in the home.


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Detailed information about Talkie by Toymail: Nunu a Unicorn

This product offers connection and communication between the whole family without the use of cell phones. The talkie is a revolutionary brand new way for kids to also connect with friends and neighbors.  On the outside, it is just a plush toy while on the inside, it is an actual walkie-talkie. The child can call by just simply pushing a button on the Unicorn. Parents can also call and connect through the use of the Talkie app. The child will not be able to call any numbers unless they are set up with the Talkie by the parents. This gift can also be used to wake up the children or remind them to go to bed. It can be even used for playing games.