Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara for Preschool Girls

With all the toy options out there, it may seem hard to find one that is just right for your child. Especially if they are younger, finding toys can be hard as the toy has to be just right for their age. Most toys depend on the child, as some toys could be too old for the child or even too young. We here at that Sweet Gift search the internet with the goal of finding the perfect toys so that you don’t have to! We have found the perfect toy for preschool-aged girls and would like to share it with you. With that said, we now introduce to you the Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara!

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Detailed information about Baby Alive Snackin’ Sara for Preschool Girls

This particular doll is not your ‘normal’ type of doll. Let’s just say that it is ‘alive’, hence the name of the doll is Baby Alive. The Doll’s name is officially Sara, but your child can choose whatever name she desires. Unlike other dolls, this doll can ‘eat’ food. Your daughter can create these snacks that are made out of reusable clay. Baby Alive Sara can also drink from a pretend juice box. In the box, you receive your Baby Alive Sara, diapers, a couple of containers for reusable food, shaping stamps for food, 1 roller, a plate, a juice container, and then lastly the instructions. Another really cool feature about baby Sara is that she can even talk and say over 30 unique phrases! If English is not your native language, fear not, she can also speak Spanish! After eating a bite of food, Sara will say ‘More Please!’, signaling she wants more food! After Sara has eaten enough, she will stop asking for more. After that, simply clean her off and change her into a clean diaper. She will also let you know when she becomes tired and will want you to rock her to sleep.