Cozmo Robot

Many children love to play and even learn with robots. Almost everything we use daily is a robot of sorts such as phones, computers and even TV’s. Robots, given the right one, can give your child a brand new best friend as well as provide some deep learning tools. There are many, many kinds of robots out there, the only problem out there is finding out which one would be appropriate for kids. After all,  some are not even made for kids. How would you even go about finding the perfect one; one that will not only be safe for your child, be fun for your child, but also teach them things? We here at That Sweet Gift have done the research for you, and we have found one robot that may be the perfect fit for you! We now introduce to you Cozmo!


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Detailed information about Cozmo Robot

Cozmo is a very special robot. In fact, he is very smart. He is so smart, you would actually think he has a mind of his own. It's as if he has his own personality and will evolve the more you play and hang out with him. He will even nudge you to play with him if you leave him alone for a while. Cozmo is not just a robot, he’s a supercomputer on treads. He is curious, he can explore, learn, plan, and he even gets to know you. Any emotion you can possibly think of that a human has, Cozmos’ got it.