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CASA MALL Kids Princess Play Tent (Foldable)

Two classic toys that all children love are ball pits and tents. Why not combine the two into one? That is exactly what this play tent is, and it makes for the perfect gift for any little girl! Oh, and did we mention that is also a princess play tent? 3 awesome ideas in one- this is the perfect gift!

The tent itself is a beautiful shade of pink, complete with a star design on it, making it the perfect castle for any little princess. Inside? A wonderful play place that can be used as a ball pit, or simply as a play area for her to use with her toys or stuffed animals.

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Best of all, this tent is actually collapsible, making it incredibly easy to take with you on vacation, or to put into storage if you need to. When folded up it will take up almost no space at all - perfect to place in a closet, under a bed, or into a suitcase. The overall material is a durable polyester- perfect for children who can sometimes get a little rough. The front flap can be kept open or closed, but rest easy, the sides of the tent are a mesh material that allows airflow so you do not have to worry about this tent being a safety hazard!