Nintendo Switch 32GB Console

The Nintendo Switch may just be every video game enthusiast’s dream console. The Nintendo Switch Console is a powerful home gaming system, for both single and multiplayer games. On top of that, you can dock it and play multiplayer on the go with the removable Joy-Con’s. You can either play single or multiplayer in this mode. Here is the low down – as a home gaming system, it rests in its own dock (called the Nintendo Switch Dock). This connects to the TV so you can play it like any other video game console. Invite friends and family over for some video gaming fun or use it yourself to play your favorite games.


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Detailed information about Nintendo Switch 32GB Console

If you lift it off of the dock, it becomes a handheld gaming system. You can hold it in your hands to play, or use the built-in stand to prop it up and use the Joy-Con’s as controllers. The Joy-Con’s have an NFC reader, gyroscope, motion IR camera, accelerometer, and the HD Rumble. This makes them top notch and a force to be reckoned with. You can even purchase extras, though two come with the Nintendo Switch Console and also attach to it.