Set of 10 Recognition Awards

Here is a motivational tool that would work well for teachers, employers, and parents. Everybody likes to be noticed when they are doing something good and these little cards and tokens are just the right amount of incentive to keep everyone on the straight and narrow and let employees and students alike know that their efforts are not being overlooked or taken for granted.

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Detailed information about Set of 10 Recognition Awards

Whether in the workplace, at home, or in the classroom, these “You Got Caught” cards will get the positive message across to the person who has been going the extra mile, either with work or with being helpful or just being “more”.

Just letting a student or an employee know that someone is watching and has noticed that they are doing a great job is a great motivator for them and for others. Knowing that someone has been singled out will make others want to be similarly noticed for their actions, so the trickle-down effect is bound to be a positive factor once these inspirational prizes are in play.


Ten conveniently sized and brightly colored “You Got Caught!” cards

Ten medium weight solid metal “Good Job” tokens

An ideal way to promote and reward good behavior and a good work ethic