Changing Color Mugs

Here is something that will cheer up a coffee lover in your life every morning. This morning coffee mug from InGwest Home is a worthy purchase and an excellent gift to celebrate a loved one. It’s so interesting you will find yourself getting one for yourself and your spouse, or roomie or your friends or other family members.

Taking coffee or tea will never be this fun and happier as it is with this mug. Even though it looks like a regular a coffee cup, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this is not your ordinary mug. This particular one is way more interesting, and it will make one look forward to having coffee or tea or any of their favorite beverage in the morning.

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Detailed information about Changing Color Mugs

Do you know someone who literally hates mornings? That one person who snoozes the alarm more than five times before they eventually drag themselves out bed? The one that is never in the mood for mornings at all? Well, this mug will be the perfect gift that will always cheer them up and start their day on a high note.

How does this feature work? Pretty simple. Once you pour your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot milk into this heat sensitive mug, it starts to change with a sad smiley on a black background which then slowly turns into a happy and bright smiley in a blue background. Interesting right?!


A heat-sensitive and color changing mug that shows the temperature of a drink

The magic print comes out boldly once the temperature of the liquid reaches 45℃


Not microwave and dishwasher safe