MoKo Wireless Doorbell, Plug-in Push Button with 36 Chimes

Here is another wireless addition to the ideal smart home. The MoKo Wireless Doorbell provides a hands-off option for your doorbell and offers a product that will seamlessly integrate into an overall smart home system. With this product, buyers should never worry about bad wiring or electrical issues with the doorbell. It is an excellent product which will complement any home and will add style, convenience, and customization to any space.

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Detailed information about MoKo Wireless Doorbell, Plug-in Push Button with 36 Chimes

The MoKo doorbell comes in two parts: a  transmitter and a receiver. With a range of 900 feet, the transmitter can be placed outside and is equipped with a button for visitors and guests to press. The sound of the doorbell can be customized with 36 different programmable chimes, and then will be emitted by the receiver which can be placed anywhere inside the home! This makes for an easy and a completely hands-free experience. The volume of the ring is also adjustable to your preference and this is something you cannot control when your old school doorbell comes into question.