Rose Gold Wireless Headphones by Beats Solo2

Trying to figure out a great graduation gift for your son or something for your teenage daughter? Or maybe something to send them off to college with? Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones are the perfect gift. Help them study in style as the new year begins. These headphones are fun, stylish, popular, and very functional, because who doesn’t want to listen to some jams while they cram for exams? Beats are known across the board as being some of the best quality headphones you can buy. These are Bluetooth over the ear head phones that can be connected to your Bluetooth device and has a 30-foot range. Whether you are working or studying or cleaning the house, you can be sure to get high quality jams from these headphones.

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Detailed information about Rose Gold Wireless Headphones by Beats Solo2

Match the color of the headphones to the style of the individual with many colors to choose from including: black (with red accents), blue (with white accents), silver (with white accents), white (with white accents), flash blue (with grey accents), rose gold (with white accents), gold (with white accents), shock yellow (with grey accents), siren red (with grey accents), and space grey (with black accents). The battery on these babies lasts twelve hours, so no matter how late you are studying or working, they will be with you.