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The Nordic Cookbook by Chef Magnus Nisson

This beautiful cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who would enjoy a culinary journey through the Nordic region of the world.

This illustrated book takes a gastronomic tour through some of the region’s most interesting recipes and puts them together in one place for all to enjoy. All of those kitchen & foodies people in your life would adore this cooking related gift!

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Detailed information about The Nordic Cookbook by Chef Magnus Nisson

The Nordic Cookbook takes us on a cook’s tour throughout the beautiful Nordic region, including delicacies from such places as Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.

Magnus Nisson is a world renown chef who has been a featured on the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”, and the PBS television series “The Mind of a Chef”. He is also the recipient of the 2015 White Guide Global Gastronomy Award.

This stunning hardcover edition of The Nordic Cookbook contains 768 pages of over 700 recipes painstakingly collected from every corner of the Scandinavian region, chronicling the diversity and wide range of foods consumed in the Nordic areas. This cookbook would make such a nice addition to the kitchen or the foodie in your life.


Over 760 pages and more than 700 recipes from all over the Nordic region

Breathtaking photography that captures the beauty of one of the most gorgeous places on Earth

Featuring recipes from each region’s culinary history to present favorites