12 Pc Japanese Bowl Melamine Set with Matching Spoon and Chopsticks

Have you got someone in your life who loves Japanese cuisines and perhaps will not go ahead without enjoying a piping hot bowl of ramen?

We understand the obsession for Japanese cuisines because they are simply delicious, especially the soups. From ramen noodle soup, Shoyu (soy-based soup), Tonkotsu, Nibosh, Shio to Miso soup, you are left with no choice but to say “itadakimasu” meaning “humbly received” as you get ready to indulge.

The beauty of Japanese cuisines is significantly refined by the tableware used. In Japanese culture, tableware plays a significant role just as the meal itself.

And so, if you have a someone in your life who loves serving soup and other Japanese cuisines, here is your great opportunity to impress them with a Japanese inspired gift.

This 12-piece plastic Japanese tableware by APEX S.K will make an excellent wedding gift. It’s a perfect combination for an extraordinary culinary experience.

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Detailed information about 12 Pc Japanese Bowl Melamine Set with Matching Spoon and Chopsticks

Having the appropriate Japanese tableware is absolutely essential. It will ensure that you enjoy your meals to the fullest.

This 12-piece wedding set comes with everything needed to ensure an enjoyable dining experience. It is designed to complement the delicious meals that will be served in it and enhance the aesthetics of your tabletop.

With a capacity of 57 fl oz, these are some of the largest bowls you are likely to come across. Other than soup and rice dishes, the bowls can be used to serve salads and cereals.

They feature the classic traditional black and contrasting red look but have a tad bigger body which gives them a modern adaptation.


Creates a natural and authentic Japanese dining experience

The bowls are capacious

Comes with matching serving utensils

Ideal for a variety of Asian-inspired cuisines