Magicfly Wooden Folding Rechargeable Book Light

What’s the one thing readers always need to have enough of? Well besides books, the answer is light! Magicfly has created a wonderful and whimsical lamp that mimics a book. It’s the perfect gift for book lovers and anyone that likes modern designs.

The light is composed of LEDs hidden in the spine of the book. When the book is opened the pages unfurl and the light turns on, illuminating the pages and casting soft light. The book can open up to 360-degrees and stand on the book covers so that the light is displayed in a visually appealing way. To turn off the light, simply close the book.

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Detailed information about Magicfly Wooden Folding Rechargeable Book Light

It features a Li battery which can last up to 8 hours, after which it can be recharged with a USB cable. The light will also keep working while it is being charged. However, the cordless feature means that it can be placed anywhere around the home or brought with on any trip. It is made from white maple wooden material which gives it a simple and beautiful outer design but is also environmentally friendly. The material is also created in such a way as to prevent damage from bending.

The spine was created with laser cutting technology allowing it to fold in on itself and create a circle. This features gives an interesting effect to the light and allows users to position the light in any way they want. The light has a 95% light transmittance which means it’s bright enough to be seen in daylight but soft enough to be used for ambience or as a nightlight. In fact, many people use it to add a soft glow to the room right before they go to sleep. It’s relaxing and helps calm the mind for a deep sleep.