Lovey Wizard Baby Tag Blanket

This wonderful tagged baby blanket is awesome for wizards and muggles alike! Do you have a small child destined for the wizarding world? Than consider giving them this fantastic magical Harry Potter Baby Tag Blanket!

Sensory play is vital to a child’s growth and development, which is why it has the little tags attached. Each tag provides a different tactile sensation for baby to learn from. The tags are also sewn shut, and attached tightly to the blanket, making this blanket a safe and warm learning tool for your little one. No more worrying about fingers getting stuck or loose pieces falling off, as each piece is sewn securely in place.

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Detailed information about Lovey Wizard Baby Tag Blanket

This blanket Is 14 X 18 inches, which makes it the perfect size to use as a security blanket for baby! It is made from a variety of fabrics to make it just right for baby’s learning months. Your baby can touch the different fabrics, teeth on them, and enjoy this retro blanket for years and years to come. You may even want to keep this blanket as a keepsake to remember the fond time.

This makes a great gift for any baby, regardless of whether they are a wizard, witch, or muggle! Moms who love Harry Potter will love this thoughtful and conversation starting blanket for their baby shower, or even as a gift for baby’s birth! It was designed by a mother and her child, so you know it is a great gift!