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Light-up Waterproof Bath Toy

Looking to light up your kids or grandkids face for their birthday? This light-up toy is the perfect gift idea! Made to make bath time even more fun, any kid would love using this toy and will enjoy it night after night!

What child doesn’t love a toy that lights up? Best of all, this toy is perfectly safe to use in the water and is fully waterproof. Splash away! The simple and safe LED light shines with three different color cycles, shining in a variety of colors that will keep any child entertained and happy. No matter how young your child is, they can easily play with this toy. Just push one button to light it up!


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Worried about safety? This toy will not sink so you don’t have to worry about your child diving under the water to get it! This is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment for your child or grandchild. This is particularly great if you, or your children, live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have space for numerous toys. Show up with this toy, and it is all you will need for bath time! Rubber duckies are a thing of the past! Clean up all the other toys and replace it with this one- it is sure to make bath time into a fun party each and every night!