GARMAR Motion Sensor LED Night Light

Tired of being scared of the dark? Sick of fumbling blindly around in the dark, feeling the cold walls, searching for that light switch at night? Well, there is a product that will solve all of those problems. The GARMAR night is a perfect addition to any bedroom. It is a battery-powered, wireless LED night light equipped with motion sensing technology, meaning no more elusive light switches or annoying buttons’ clicking in the middle of the night.

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Detailed information about GARMAR Motion Sensor LED Night Light

The amazing thing about the GARMAR night light is that it’s perfect for any room in the house, not just the bedroom. Since its motion activated, it is an excellent addition to any place in the house. Setting it in a dark hallway means every time someone walks through - the space will be instantly filled with warm LED light without any reaching for a light switch. The GARMAR makes home lighting seamless, easy and soft. The GARMAR is adaptable and can be placed anywhere, including floors, ceilings, walls, tables, etc… Its beautiful and futuristic design will match with any home décor and its versatility means it can play a multitude of roles within the home. Its 4.5V light is warm a soothing but also powerful enough to light the entire room.