Keepons Glasses Ear Hooks

If you’ve got loved ones who are always pushing their glasses up their nose, Keepons might just be the perfect product for them. These small, silicon add-ons attach to each side of a pair of glasses, just behind the ear. Just slide the loop over the end of each side and wiggle it up to the appropriate location. Place the silicone hook snugly behind the ear, then leave it there. The beauty of Keepons is that they always stay put! The extra barrier of this silicone hook behind the ear prevents the glasses from slipping forward on the wearer’s nose. With this perfect little gift, any glasses-wearer will find it easy to keep the lenses exactly where they should be—right in front of the eyes. Keepons come in a variety of different colors and models, making accommodations for glasses of every size.

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Detailed information about Keepons Glasses Ear Hooks

Keepons aren’t just useful for the everyday nearsighted person—these little gems work great for reading glasses and sunglasses too. Sports players are big fans of Keepons, as they allow them to fully engage in the game that they love without having to worry about their glasses flying off. Additionally, many people find them especially useful for reading glasses, which are typically worn while looking downward. Keepons give gravity a run for its money, catching on the back of the ear and preventing the wearer’s glasses from falling into their book!