Doctor Unicorn Bracelet

If you love unicorns, you are most likely to go out of your way to find a themed collective to keep. There are many of these on the market, but it can still seem a challenge to find one that you like. How about choosing one that can suit you and your kids at the same time? You could end up getting a few more for everyone anyway.

This Unicorn bracelet is one of these items that suits both adults and kids. It is designed with color and a unicorn theme to impress kids and friends that love unicorns. It can be a gift idea for an upcoming birthday or any other occasion.

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Detailed information about Doctor Unicorn Bracelet

The bracelet design features multiple colors in layers with a Unicorn tag for the theme. It is handmade, so every detail is to perfection. Also, the bracelet has a pull string design which makes it suitable for different wrist sizes. It can, therefore, fit kids as well as adults.

For safety, the material used to make the bracelet is safe for the skin. It is lead-free and nickel-free to ensure it is safe for everyone. It does not react or irritate the surface, and that makes it preferable for kids' sensitive skin. The bracelet also features a tiny unicorn pendant tied up with the strands that make up the bracelet. The top of the bracelet also has a love pendant which adds on to the style.