John Williams: Star Wars The Force Awakens Vinyl

Everything old is new again, and that includes listening to an epic soundtrack on vinyl. That soundtrack belongs to one of the most famous franchises in motion picture history, nonother than the Star Wars saga, and this particular passionate and powerful score was composed by John Williams, done for the movie The Force Awakens.

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Detailed information about John Williams: Star Wars The Force Awakens Vinyl

This 2LP set comes in a traditional cardstock case for vinyl LPs that has the Star Wars logo embossed on the front of the jacket. The cover opens up to reveal a breathtaking shot of the Millenium Falcon attacking T.I.E. fighters.

Also included is a booklet that contains a few screenshots from the movie itself as well as some pictures and a short note from JJ Abrams, the director of “The Force Awakens”, talking about John Williams and his Star Wars “The Force Awakens score”. This leaflet also contains a list of all of the tracks on the album.


Recorded on vinyl for an exceptional listening experience

Included are 2 vinyl LPs and a booklet with pictures and screenshots from the movie

Vinyl records are encased in a traditional cardstock case that opens to a picture of the Millennium Falcon