Disney Star Wars Mighty Minis Micro Boost USB Charger: Darth Vader

A Star Wars fan is likely to have a hectic day that never seems to end. They might spend long hours at work or school, and all along they will be checking multiple stuff via their phones including Google calendar invites, Reddit boards, and at the of the day, they will probably be listening to Rebel Force Radio podcast while bumming on traffic during the rush hour.

And most likely, when they finally get home, they will end their day with some Star Wars. As busy as their day seems to be, so is their phones. S

adly, unlike their insatiable thirst for Star Wars, their phones can’t handle long hours of use and that means at some point battery power needs to be recharged. This may call for emergency charging point because missing out is not an option.

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Detailed information about Disney Star Wars Mighty Minis Micro Boost USB Charger: Darth Vader

And this is how you get an incredible chance to impress a Star Wars fan in your life with the Disney Star Wars Mighty minis micro boost USB charger that looks like the action figure Darth Vader.

It is actually a charger that uses standard batteries to give your phone extra juice when it's most needed.

It measures approximately 4” (tall) x 2 ½” (wide) and weighs 4oz only with batteries, so there is no reason at all not take it around for emergency charge when needed.

And because of its size and a bag strap, this little back up can be hung on a keychain, laptop bag or a backpack.



Provides enough battery for emergency situations

It's an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise

It has a bag strap


Not intended for use on tablets and other large mobile devices