Star Wars Men’s Allover Darth Vader Tie

Looking for a cool tie to wear during casual Fridays? Are you a huge star wars fan and would like to show that off elegantly in a professional setting? Or do you simply want to channel the efficiency of the dark side towards tasks at work? Whatever your reason maybe this Star Wars Darth Vader tie is definitely one to have! It comes in 3 different colors black, red and a white. This tie could also be a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who is a massive star wars fan. The simplistic patterns make it highly functional even in the most professional of settings without it being a distraction.

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Detailed information about Star Wars Men’s Allover Darth Vader Tie

This one size tie can be worn for any corporate or casual events and could even work for a party environment. It’s sure to get you some attention & is almost a guaranteed conversation starter when people realize that the little darth vaders on there aren’t normal designs. The subtle nature of the design is sure to win you some fans at work & even on the street and it is also the reason why you can confidently use it in a professional environment. The different designs complement most commonly worn shirt colors really well. The tie is made from Polyester and needs to be hand washed.