Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set w/Trivet

For people who love tea, it is easy to answer the centuries-old question, “coffee or tea?”, when visiting another person’s house or office. But if you were to come to their home, more often than not they will offer you their favorite beverage without hesitation. We are willing to bet that they have a large selection of different teas at their disposal ranging from local, affordable kinds to the more high-end teas from other parts of the world.

Now if you were to give a gift to this avid tea fan in your life, you obviously would not gift them more tea, because surely they can get more of that and probably know what they want when it comes to that. Good thing we found the perfect present for them and that is the 26 ounce Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set with Trivet.

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Detailed information about Japanese Cast Iron Pot Tea Set w/Trivet

The absolutely beautiful tea set complete with 4 teacups and trivet is made of iron and coated with an enamel finish inside so you do not have to worry about it rusting. You can get this intricately designed tea set in 3 colors – black, green or red – which will make it hard for you to decide what to get since all 3 of them are very pretty. Not only does it look amazing, but the teapot itself also does its job well.


High quality and extremely durable

Beautiful design and finish

Complete set that contains everything a tea lover would need to enjoy a cup with friends and family