Tea Beyond GTP2005 Heat Resistant Glass Teapot

After a long at the office, a nice bath and your favorite cup of tea would help you relax.

Also, a warm beverage can help you reset your mind and wear off the day’s worries.

When choosing your utensils, you ought to take key consideration of how much will hold up when used with hot or cold water.

Most teacups and pots come in ceramic but have you thought about getting a glass one.

This one from Tea beyond is great for daily use and would make a lovely home gift for your Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

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Detailed information about Tea Beyond GTP2005 Heat Resistant Glass Teapot

Just like other items, you can agree that style comes first when choosing your favorite utensils.

This teapot has a Victorian style incorporating the modern design. It has a removable glass strainer for your tea needs.

Also, it is specially designed to deliver a non-dripping feature so you can enjoy your teas without worrying about messes.

It can be used for blooming leaves, hot or iced type of beverages. Its wide range of usage makes it preferable among tea lovers.

The 20 ounces teapot is suitable for one or two people serving using medium size teacups.

This makes it a beautiful piece for those that need a cup or two in the evenings.

The best part is that it is heat resistant hence you can use it safely in the microwave.

Also, the glass can be washed in the dishwasher top rack and still maintain the quality.


Resistant to high heat

Durable and practical item