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Tea Forte Loose Tea Starter Set – Ceramic Cup Included

For the great tea lovers in your life, this loose tea starter set from Tea Forté will be a welcome gift for any occasion. Anything that adds to their tea collection will be received with open arms, and this starter set is not an exception.

For any tea lover, the perfection in their cup of tea is what matters most. And this starter set will give them just that. A perfect cup of tea! This set comes with a limited edition of winter collection of teas. It comes with loose leaf teas in perfectly pre-measured pouches which will amply steep 12oz. The tea flavors are pretty awesome and are made to perfection to ensure that one gets to taste and feel the exact taste of flavor.

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Detailed information about Tea Forte Loose Tea Starter Set – Ceramic Cup Included

The single steep loose-leaf tea sampler comes with 10 assorted teas in pre-portioned pouches for a single serve. The sweet tasting teas come in two blends of flavors each which include raspberry ganache, ginger snap, rum raisin biscotti, winter chai, and spiced ginger plum. From the list, you can see that these are an amazingly tasty blend of flavors which guarantees the best tasting cup of loose-leaf tea.

But the assorted tea pouches are not the only amazing things you get in this set. The starter set comes with a Kati Cup tea brewing system that perfectly steeps a 12oz cup of tea enough for one. The Kati cup brewing system is easy to use and delivers the perfect cup of tea. It steeps pretty fast. It comes with a stainless-steel tea strainer with a fine mesh and a lid which keeps the tea hot after steeping.


The set comes with 10 assorted blends of black tea and herbal tea

The single steep loose-leaf tea samplers come in pre-portioned pouches for a single serve

It comes with a beautiful snowflake Kati cup

The set is complete with everything needed for a delicious cup of premium gourmet tea