Innoo Tech LED Solar Lights

Few things say party like multi-colored lights, and with this remarkable string of glowing, colorful, outdoor orbs, you can take the party with you wherever you go. If you have a friend who is always entertaining outdoors, truly loves to garden, or is looking for new and interesting interior decorating ideas, this string of lights is a fantastic gift idea for them. Specially developed to survive the elements, these lights are fully waterproof in every way—the wire, the bulb, and the charger can all stand up to the rain, snow, sun, and wind. With bright colors and an interesting tear drop shape, it is a gift that is sure to put a sparkle in their eyes. Put it on its blinking setting and you can turn the flowerbed into a dance floor!

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Detailed information about Innoo Tech LED Solar Lights

Thanks to the top of the line solar charging technology, these lights won’t add a cent to the electricity bill. On a sunny day, the solar panel can receive between six and eight hours of direct sunlight. Turn them on as the sun goes down, and they will stay bright and cheery all night. With such an easy source of energy, you truly can take these lights wherever it is that you wish to go—the garden, the park, out camping, or even indoors if you’ve got a sunny window nearby.