Humble With a Hint of Kanye Matte Black Coffee Mug

What do you get for the coworker who has everything – and maybe acts like they “know” everything? The coworker who has a little extra swagger around the office?

How about this Humble With a Hint of Kanye coffee mug. This comical cup could definitely be the touch of office humor that will keep the office laughing for months.

The mug is certain to get a laugh at the office Christmas party. Every office and every family for that matter has that one person who this mug fits perfectly.

That person who likes to let everyone know that they’re “on it”. Given that Kanye West is anything but humble, this mug’s satirical take on humility will not be lost on the person it is given to or anyone else in the room.

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Detailed information about Humble With a Hint of Kanye Matte Black Coffee Mug

This cup holds up to 15 ounces of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any other beverage, hot or cold.

The matte black outer finish is modern and classy looking, while the inner portion of the cup is done in a glossy black finish, leaving it resistant to staining and making it a breeze to clean.

The message on the front of the cup, “Humble With a Hint of Kanye” is done in a vividly contrasting white print.

The back of this fancy office mug also features the Coffee Culture logo, again printed in black and white.


Holds 15 ounces of coffee or any beverage, hot or cold

Large and comfortable easy-grip handle

Matte black outer finish and glossy black inner finish that is resistant to stains