Herb Garden Planter by Planter Pro’s – Complete Herb Garden Kit

Many people like the idea of growing their own kitchen herbs but often don’t know where to start or live in an upper floor apartment with no outside places where it would be possible to place a planter. There is nothing quite like growing your own herbs and other easy to grow salad crops such as cress, and lettuce.

Homegrown food crops always seem to taste better and have a more noticeable aroma, so wouldn’t it be a great idea if there was available a beginner’s planting kit so that even the most naïve gardener can have a go at producing their own kitchen herbs?

The Herb Garden Planter by Planter’s Pro is a complete herb garden kit containing everything one needs to start their own kitchen garden, either indoors or outside depending on how much room they have available.

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Detailed information about Herb Garden Planter by Planter Pro’s – Complete Herb Garden Kit

The complete kit contains three premium quality red cedar mini planters with a blackboard on one side. Each mini planter measures 5” x5” x5”. There is a cedarwood drip tray measuring about 17” long x 6” wide.

As well as the seeds there are also enough pellets of Wondersoil to fill each planter. Wondersoil is a lightweight, soilless plant growing medium made from coco coir. The pellets are dried and compressed so all that is required is for the user to add water and watch each pellet expand.

Cedarwood is the perfect material from which to make the planters and drip tray as it is completely resistant to fungal, rot and insect attack. As soon as the planters are unpacked the gift recipient will smell the beautiful aroma of cedar.


Made from real cedar wood

Rot and insect resistant wood

Six different types of culinary herb seeds

Small enough to place in a sunny window