3 Piece Executive Tabletop Golf Coffee Mug Set

Usually, when looking for a gift, you probably think of the conventional ideas such as jewelry, clothing or art. But, other ideas will spark uniqueness and stand out from the norm. Most of these gifts are specially designed for a particular group of people that take an interest in the details.

One good example is this Kovot three piece mug set. It is designed as a unique gift for loved ones, friends and coworkers. If you are looking to get a special gift for your boss, then this mug can do the trick. It can work as a gift for a birthday, graduation or any other event.

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Detailed information about 3 Piece Executive Tabletop Golf Coffee Mug Set

What is unique about the design of this mug? The sleek black cup comes in an exciting design featuring a golf theme. The package includes an 11 ounces mug, a golf stick design pen, and a small golf ball. The design of the mug brings the illusion of golf set up where the ball goes below the cup using the golf-stick pen. The mug will surely come in handy as a gift for someone that loves golf or is interested in learning the sport.

The mug is made of quality ceramic to last a long time. It is designed to hold both hot and cold beverages without compromising on quality. Like other mugs, it is super easy to take care of. However, cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended. A simple hand wash in warm water will ensure it lasts in the right form for an extended period.