Photo Portrait Studio

If you are looking for a show-stopping gift for an aspiring photographer, this is the perfect thing you could get them! It is a super useful and high-quality Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit from LimoStudio! With 13 different pieces, this lighting kit has a super impressive value to it.

It includes 3 different lighting stands in order to achieve the right amount of light coming from multiple different angles. Two of the included lighting stands adjust up to 86 inches to give light from higher points which tends to look more natural and place shadows in desirable places.

For versatility, the third lighting stand adjusts to 28 inches. All three lighting stands also come along with a bulb socket each as well as each coming with an actual lightbulb. The included bulbs are full spectrum photo bulbs that can save up to 80% of energy compared to other bulbs.

They fit a standard base size and are 45 watts. The kit even includes a very useful and convenient bulb carrying case.



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Detailed information about Photo Portrait Studio

This case perfectly fits the three boxes that the three bulbs go into. This is wonderful because it will keep the bulbs safe from breaking during transportation.

The LimoStudio lighting kit comes along with 2 very helpful umbrella reflectors that can be easily attached to the lighting stands. They are white in color for a neutral temperature effect and they are 33 inches in diameter each.