Game of Thrones: House Sigil Coaster Set

If your gift list has a fan of Game of Thrones, they will without doubt flip when they see this House Sigil coaster set form Dark Horse Deluxe. For that geek friend of yours who is waiting for winter, they will be thrilled to have a piece of Westeros right in their castle.

This set of coasters are based on the HBO series, Game of Thrones which is an award-winning famed television show adapted from the epic fantasy book series that is also a best seller. But it’s the huge following that makes this TV show insanely famous, and we can all ascertain that we are fans or we have someone close who is literally waiting for winter.


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Detailed information about Game of Thrones: House Sigil Coaster Set

These beautiful coasters are certainly a must-have for a Game of Thrones fanatic.  How awesome will it be that you get to be the one to gift them with the fantastic House Sigil coaster set? The set comes with four corsets all based on the TV series, Game of Thrones. They are awesomely great, and they would make for an ideal housewarming gift or office gift.

The coasters are made of high-quality cardboard material, and the bottom is made of cork which helps in protecting furniture. The top part has a glossy finish meant to absorb condensation. They have a clean and beautiful design, and they are quite sturdy.


The set comes with four coasters

The coasters feature the four royal houses in Games of Thrones show


Some of the coaters develop bubbles as result of condensation