Housewarming Friend Or Family Cutting Board Gift

A housewarming gift should go a long way in impressing the members of the new home. This, however, does not mean going over and above while trying to exceed their expectations. The simplest of things indeed melt heart away, and, it is the thought that counts.

So, for the next housewarming, get this cutting board. As simple as it sounds, it is packed with a heartwarming message for a family. It makes a perfect addition to a housewarming gift package or a single gift for a simple meet up with the family.

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Detailed information about Housewarming Friend Or Family Cutting Board Gift

One thing that will wow the recipient with this gift is the design of this cutting board. One of the sides is smoothly finished for culinary uses while the other is printed with a beautiful message. The cutting board is made of bamboo to last a long time.

It measures 11.5 inches x 13.5 inches x ¾ inches. The size is perfect for food preparation such as slicing vegetables. It can also be sued for serving cheese as well as other foods. The cutting board comes with a free display stands. The stand can be used to display the cutting board beautifully on the counter. Also, it can fit well in cabinets for easy storage.


Quality bamboo

Beautiful message

Perfect for housewarming gifting