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Celtic Pocket Knife – Hand Forged by Toferner

This compact and beautiful neck knife is the ideal gift for the fan of the whimsical and fanciful, the renaissance period, Tolkien, and all things Celtic.

This knife would be perfectly at home around the neck of a hobbit, the neck of a hunter or huntress, and it is perfect for everyday protection and decoration of ordinary people as well.

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Detailed information about Celtic Pocket Knife – Hand Forged by Toferner

The knife and leather cover by Toferner is the perfect size for wearing on a leather thong around the neck. It measures 3.3 inches long and fits perfectly into the beautifully crafted leather case.

The Toferner company is well known for its reproduction knives which seem more like artwork than they do utilitarian, although their function goes above and beyond as well.

Toferner knives offer a glimpse into a distant past and allow the user to be transported back and to be able in part to feel what it was like to utilize such a tool in medieval times.


The meticulously crafted knife blade is forged by hand from spring steel

Comes in its own beautifully tooled leather case with hole for stringing and hanging around the neck

Perfect as a novel addition for any avid knife collector