Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

One of the best things you could ever give as a gift to someone that loves reading would be an inspirational book. It is not about reading to complete a series but at least pick up some lessons throughout the read. There are many inspirational books, but very few create a personal touch in the structure. A great inspirational book outlines the failures, struggles, and successes of the characters to give an overview of what it would feel to be in their shoes. One such book is this one by Angela Stanton who shares her life experiences. It can be a lovely gift for your folks and friends that love lessons-packed book collections.


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Detailed information about Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

Angela has an ability to pull people closer with the way she lays her words. She is an author and a motivational speaker that seeks to inspire by giving examples of her real-life struggles and experiences. Her story starts way back in childhood and spans through to her adult years. Over time, she had to overcome fears and challenges that many different people face on a daily basis. One intense experience was when she was sexually abused at the age of five. She talks about how it was to deal with the insecurities, the hassles she had to go through to overcome and the lessons she picked along the way. Along the way, Angela had to live behind bars where she explains giving birth to her baby in jail. Her story is indeed worth a read, and your loved ones would pick a lesson reading the book.