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Star Wars Death Star Toaster

Everyone needs a toaster at their house or apartment. It is one of those staple kitchen items that always come in handy for every meal of the day. Whether you want a bagel or some toast, or your sandwich bread to be heated, a toaster is a quick and easy way to get it done! However, let’s face it, buying someone a toaster as a gift can feel pretty boring. Not anymore. This isn’t just any toaster…it’s a Death Star toaster!

That’s right! Perfect for any Star Wars fan, this toaster is in the shape of the Death Star, but the real surprise is when your food pops out. It will have the iconic Fighter logo stamped on each piece of bread. Mornings have never been so fun. This is a perfect gift for busy parents who struggle every morning to get their kids out of bed and ready for school. You know what a great incentive is? Using the Death Star toaster!

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Best of all, this is a well designed toaster that works incredibly well (in addition to being totally awesome). The two slots on the top of the toaster are wide enough to accommodate just about any type of bread that you would like to toast. If you do get this for someone with kids, you can also rest easy that this toaster is safe and the outside does not heat up - so no worries about burning your fingers! Adjust the dial to pick the temperature and decide how toasted you want you bread, and finally, the crumb slot easily slides out to make for easy clean up.