Fashion 9 Color Dog Print Scarf

Spotting a scarf nowadays is absolutely fashionable. A scarf not only looks stunning when paired well with the rest of the outfit, but it also helps express your style, personality, and individual identity.

They have been loosened up to be worn slouchy around the neck, or preferably as a bow tie, a bandana or even as a belt. The options are limitless, and any style is acceptable.

All you need to know is that scarves have now become a wardrobe staple. It even gets better if the scarf you wear features a lovely print that expresses your personality and style.

On that note, do you have someone who is crazy about dachshunds and probably lives with one or several?  We know it’s hard not to love these little furred pet animals, but we also know people who will take their wiener dog everywhere with them.

If this description fits someone you know, then you have just found yourself a perfect gift to celebrate them. Presenting to you the pashmina scarf adorned with dachshund by EUDORA.

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Detailed information about Fashion 9 Color Dog Print Scarf

It has a lavish appearance and looks absolutely elegant. But this is not just your regular neck scarf. It presents you with so many ways to wear and use.

It can be used as a beach wrap, beachwear, summer shawl, bandana, head scarf, wrap skirt, cape, cloak among many other uses.

It’s made of voile material which is a soft, sheer fabric that provides the ultimate softness and cuddliness to the skin.


It's soft, silky and stunning

It has many uses and ways to wear it

Available in different colors