LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat – Waterproof

When in the outdoors, whether it is on a camping, hiking, hunting or fishing trip, one must always be wary of excessive sunlight on the skin causing sunburn and possibly, serious skin damages.

If you want to buy a sunhat for a family member, maybe a child or spouse, then you can’t go very wrong if you decide to choose one of the Fishing and Sun Boonie Hat from Lethmik. There are seven different styles and colors available and if chosen wisely the gift would look good as a fishing hat, hunting hat, camping hat, hiking hat, beachwear or just lounging about on the deck at home or pottering in the garden. The styles are also unisex so they will look just as much at home on a woman’s head as on a man’s head. They are also one size fits all and at 22” to 24” around they will fit most adult sized heads.

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Detailed information about LETHMIK Fishing Sun Boonie Hat – Waterproof

These hats are sleek and stylish, are designed to be useful and look darned good as well. They are made from polyester and have high-quality stitching on all the seams. The brim has two snap studs on each side of the hat so the brim can be clipped up into place on one side or both sides if desired or kept loose for that floppy hat look.


This hat is perfect for a multitude of outdoor pursuits and will protect the head from the rain and the sun

It is one of seven different styles and colors so you can be sure to find at least one to suit your purposes

Made from Polyester, it will keep the worst of the weather from the head

Comes with a fully adjustable wind cord so that the hat doesn’t get blown away