The Book Lover’s Cookbook

Is there a better gift that says “you need to make me dinner sometimes (or every day)” than a cookbook? Sure, the recipient might be a chef or the type that loves to cook; but, you must be doing this for you and the sumptuous meals you know they will whip up for you.

Whatever reasons you have, a cookbook is a great gift to anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen.

But, giving someone a cookbook as a gift is not as easy as you think. You need to find a book that will not just sit on their coffee table. Sure it needs to be useful and practical, but what makes it stand out? Is it readable just as it is practical?

If this is the kind of cookbook you are looking for to give to someone who loves to cook or a regular book lover, then we have the perfect pick for you.

This cookbook titled ‘The Book Lover’s Cookbook’ by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger and Janet Jensen will be an excellent read to anyone interested in culinary art and books in general.

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Detailed information about The Book Lover’s Cookbook

It's a well-written cookbook that incorporates literature and recipes to make a good read. Each recipe includes a passage that features great works of literature.

The reader will not only get a look at great recipes, but they will also enjoy reading this cookbook all the way to end. Actually, the recipes make the book interesting and enjoyable to read.

Spread throughout the with awe-inspiring anecdotes about the writing and the writers, The Book Lover's Cookbook is not just a culinary delight or enjoyment of literature but it's also a true inspiration for cooking and a reader's resource for reading pleasure.


A great cookbook that incorporates recipe with literature

Well written and formatted

It's creative and fun to read