Dachshund Wiener Dog Mobile Windchime

Are you looking for a unique special Christmas gift, or a housewarming gift, or a Thanks Giving gift for a loved one? If you are out of unique gift ideas, worry no more. This beautiful looking Dachshund wind chime, finely crafted with glass and metal, is a perfect decorative piece to give to your mom, aunt, dad, sister, brother or anyone with a lovely home with a patio.

Wind chimes are associated with good fortune and a positive charm. They bring about positivity and maximize life’s energy. Historically, wind chimes were commonly hung on shrines and pagodas, and it was a belief that they would ward off evil spirits and instead, attract the good ones. Who wouldn’t want something that brings about good luck and positive vibes?

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Detailed information about Dachshund Wiener Dog Mobile Windchime

But, wind chimes are not only a symbol of positive energy, and prosperity, but they are also highly decorative pieces that enhance a home’s décor, both interior and the external space. This Dachshund wind chime is meticulously handmade and beautifully crafted by Indonesian artisans.  It features beautiful rainbow colors, which will not only brighten up a dull space, but they will also add style and beauty to space.

The dog mobile wind chime is crafted delicately with metal on the head and tail section and pieces of multicolored glass in the middle which gives it a unique design. The beautiful rainbow colors catch the light at any angle as the wind chime sways from subtle breeze surrounding it.


Its designed with beautiful rainbow colors

It's handmade


The string is a bit thin and delicate