YFN Silver Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace

This gorgeous lariat style necklace by YFN is the perfect special occasion gift for an avid horsewoman, animal lover, or anyone who just appreciates lovely jewelry. The design is simple yet stunningly beautiful and would look fantastic on everyone.

This sleek and fabulous double stirrup necklace is the ideal gift for the animal lover or horsewoman in all of us. It is so elegant that it won’t matter whether or not a person owns a horse; this necklace will definitely become a go-to piece in her jewelry collection all the same.

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Detailed information about YFN Silver Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace

This lovely piece is offered by YFN and is made of 925 Sterling silver that has been polished to a meticulous shine. The pendants are free of lead and nickel alloys making this necklace hypoallergenic and perfect as a gift for animal lovers.

The stylish Rolo chain measures 18 inches (45.3 mm) long and each stirrup measures 15 mm wide and 16 mm in length.


Double stirrup design is sleek and elegant

Created from 925 Sterling silver and is made without lead or nickel for sensitive skin types

The Y-shaped design makes for a necklace that is easily adjustable