Gift Box for Mother by Silly Obsessions

Ask most any mom what she looks forward to the most and she is likely to tell you that it’s that first sip of a delicious cup of coffee after the little one lies down for a nap. There is something decadent and self-indulgent about that moment that belongs solely to her.

Here is everything that is needed to really enjoy that delectable caffeine-infused brew.

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Detailed information about Gift Box for Mother by Silly Obsessions

This box includes a cotton grocery bag sporting the words “This shopping trip is powered by coffee”, and with this tote, one can carry their favorite blend of coffee home from the store in style, and that that is only the beginning of our coffee extravaganza.

Imagine scooping that delightful dark goodness up with an elegant Beachwood coffee scoop that also doubles as a bag clip meant for keeping the beans, ground or whole, as fresh as possible.

While the coffee is brewing it is time to light the delicately scented candle included in this gift box, and of course, in keeping with the theme, this candle is scented to smell like Vanilla Latte coffee.

The candle is an all-natural soy type candle and is made by Madison Grace Candles, known for making luxury candles.

Now is the time to slip into the super soft and comfy socks that are embellished with the words “If you can read this, bring coffee” on the bottoms.


Gift box is stocked with everything necessary for creating the perfect environment for enjoying that perfect cup of coffee

Comes packaged in an elegantly and artistically designed gift box, no need for gift wrap

Combination coffee clip and scoop included