Upetstory Fashion Dachshund Tote Bag

We think it is safe to say that dogs are not just pets anymore but a part of the family. They become the new baby of the household, getting treats, new toys, and even clothes every now and then, which really shows how much we love our four-legged companions.

And to us dog parents, we do not just buy stuff for our dear pets, but we also start to adorn our houses or ourselves with anything pet related, and we might even be doing it subconsciously.

Whenever we see an item that has the likeness of our furry best friend on it, we mostly do not think twice in purchasing said item. After all, we want everyone to know that we are proud parents of an adorable puppy (we can still call them puppies even if they are already full-grown because to us they will always be that way).

And since we are on the topic of items with a design that resembles your dear pet on it, we think you will absolutely adore this large canvas tote bag by Upetstory.

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Detailed information about Upetstory Fashion Dachshund Tote Bag

Decorated with Dachshund patterns in their usual black and brown colors plus a red heart to match, this reusable tote bag is the ultimate gift for the dog lover, specifically the Dachshund parent, in your life!

Not only does it showcase that they are in fact, a devotee of Dachshunds, but they can also lug around their daily essentials in this roomy and spacious bag while they walk their beloved Dachshund around town or do errands.


Vibrant pattern of Dachshund and hearts in the front and black in the back

Very affordable