WHAT ON EARTH Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

A party with buddies brings in the life in everyone. It is a time where everyone enjoys being around people they love and care about. Talking of fun, how do you ensure there is a unique element to spice things up? There are plenty of party supplies that are designed to add a sense of style and possibly improve the aesthetics.

This ice cube tray will have friends laughing and enjoying their drinks better. It has a dachshund design which makes ice cubes in shape. How funny is it to have a chilly dog floating on your glass of wine?

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Detailed information about WHAT ON EARTH Dachshund Ice Cube Tray

The tray comes with dachshund shaped molds to make ice cubes. It can make upto9 ice cubes at once. The ice cubes add on to the fun as friends watch the dachshund melt away. The best part is that this tray can be used to freeze wine, water or any other drink. More to this, the tray can be useful in setting chocolate, gelatin, and gummy candy.

The tray is made of BPA-free, silicone rubber that is safe to use on products for human consumption. The tray material is resistant to stains so one can use it even with food colored drinks or products. It is easy to clean and does not produce toxins that would otherwise contaminate the food. These features make it a suitable gift idea for friends and family.