Gifts for Animal Lovers

If you are short on ideas, check out this gift guide that is filled with all sorts of perfect gifts for animal lovers! If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it is the love of animals! While everyone (or most people) love animals, there are definitely those that fall into the specific category of animal lover. Animal lovers take their passion to a totally different level - from the pets they own, to the volunteer work they do, to the knowledge they have, they’ve got it covered when it comes to animals. Animal lovers also exist at every age - maybe it is your child that has loved animals since day one, or perhaps it is your spouse that always seems to be adopting yet another animal. Either way, come the holidays or a birthday or special occasion, what do you get them as a gift? Start browsing our pages today and we promise you'll find something special!

10 Things to Consider When Buying Gifts for an Animal Lovers

1. Don’t adopt a pet on their behalf

Yes, you are shopping for an animal lover, but that doesn’t mean you should show up with a new puppy as your gift. Adopting a pet is a major responsibility, and that is something that animal lovers in particular believe.

Getting a new pet is a decision that they should be involved in so that they are prepared for the cost, responsibility, and more. Even if it is your spouse, we recommend going with something else as a gift.

If you know they have been wanting to adopt a pet, let them know you are supportive, and go with them to help them pick out the animal they want.

2. Go for the tech

If you are shopping for an animal lover that already has a pet, consider investing in some cool tech pet products that will make everything from cleaning, to feeding, to monitoring so much easier!

A robot vacuum is great for daily cleanups of fur or food, or consider a device that can feed the pet treats, or that has a video camera so that they can check on them while at work or away on vacation!

3. Consider their favorite type of animal

Animal lovers tend to have a certain animal, or group of animals, that they love.

Maybe it’s reptiles, or dogs, or birds. With that information you are much better prepared to get them a gift they will absolutely love.

4. Get a gift for their pet

If you are shopping for an animal lover that has a pet, you can never go wrong with getting a present that is for their pet.

This could be new toys, treats, or even a new cage or bed. Make sure whatever you get is safe for the type of animal, and also be aware of any potential food allergies when shopping for treats.

5. Jewelry is great

If you are shopping for a female animal lover, consider either a nice piece of jewelry or other similar accessory.

There are so many great earring, necklace, or bracelet options that show off their animal love without being over the top (unless that is what you want, that is always an option too!)

If you want to go for an accessory, consider a nice phone case, handbag, or even a headband (cat related gifts are all the rage for girls and teens!)

6. Get a photo framed

It is a sad reality that our pets will not be with us forever. For that reason, making sure you document special moments together is really important.

A great gift idea is to have a favorite picture of theirs printed and framed so that they have it forever!

This is a photo gift that they will enjoy now, and will appreciate even more one day when their pet passes away.

7. Consider other decor

If you don’t go with the framed photo, consider some other more general animal artwork or decor instead!

This is perfect if the animal lover doesn’t have their own pet just yet, or if you are going to a housewarming party.

Decor is a typical idea anyways, and making it animal themed will make it the perfect gift!

There are so many cool minimalistic pieces of artwork to choose from, or a throw pillow, statue, table lamp, and so much more.

Think about something they really need and go for the ‘animal’ version!

8. Educate them

There is so much cool information out there when it comes to animals. From cool coffee table books with gorgeous photos, to incredible documentaries that educate and entertain, there are a lot of options out there that are great for the animal lover that always wants to learn more. Now they can!

9. Go for the experience

They love animals so much, so why not take them to see their favorites in person?

A trip to the zoo or other experience gifts where they can see, and possible even interact with, some cool animals is sure to be a memorable gift that they will absolutely appreciate and remember forever.

10. Subscription boxes

Finally, there are plenty of animal related subscription boxes out there. If the animal lover in your life has any type of animal family member, you can be sure to find a matching subscription service that will gift them useful and fun items each and every month!

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Our Animal Lover Gift Guide Includes Items Related to a Large Selection of Animals!

You likely know several animal lovers - I mean, how could you not love animals?? Whether you know someone who loves dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, or something more exotic, their love shines through in their personality.

Most own at least one animal, though not always. Whether they are pet parents or not, they are sure to be involved with animals as frequently as possible.

Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with animals, and this animal lover in your life is sure to take part in a lot of them.

From visiting the zoo, to volunteering at a pet adoption, to even traveling to see all of their favorite animals in person, their love for animals is a big part of their life!

If you are wondering what the perfect gift is for an animal lover, you aren’t alone.  You should check out our gift guide! It is filled with all sorts of excellent gift ideas that are all perfect for animal lovers.

Gifts at a Variety of Price Points!

Animals bring such joy to our lives, and that joy radiates out of animal lovers! Wouldn’t you agree that animal lovers are some of the nicest, most caring people you know?

Come their birthday, anniversary, graduation, or over the holidays, it makes sense that you would want to spoil them with an awesome gift to show how much you care for them and appreciate how awesome they truly are!

Some people are pretty much born loving animals, and that love sticks with them as they grow up. From having their first pet to take care of, to volunteering at a shelter, to possibly going into a career working with animals, this love helps guide them all through their life!

For being so important, it makes sense to keep that love in mind when finding them the perfect gift. How could they not like something associated with their love of animals?

We’ve also considered a variety of price points so that no matter your budget, you can find a great gift. From high tech items, to simple but meaningful items, we have thought of it all!