Minimalist Dog Bone Stud Earrings

Most of us like dogs, but we all have that one particular person who doesn’t just love dogs but adores them. If this person is an adult, they probably love their dog as much as other people love their kids, and if it’s a child, they treat their dogs as their best friends.

If the lady in your life is a dog lover or the young girl you love so much happens to have a thing for dogs, then you might be in luck if you are gift shopping.

Nothing would please an animal lover than a gift item that reflects their love for the four-legged animal friend like these dog bone stud earrings by Bling Jewelry.

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Detailed information about Minimalist Dog Bone Stud Earrings

These earrings are super cute and unique. Who would have a thought a bone could actually look fantastic as an accessory?

Even though they are quite tiny, measuring approximately 9mm x 5mmm and weigh 1gram, these silver studs are pretty stylish and comfortable to wear.

They are versatile and can be paired with anything. In fact, they would even look fancier when paired with a casual outfit like a sundress, or jeans and t-shirt.

And since they are tiny, they will make an animal lover gift for a young girl. They can adorn these small bone earrings and look adorable.


Sterling silver earrings with rhodium plating

Comes packaged in a lovely velvet pouch