Build On Brick Mug Coffee

Everyone has at least one friend who is into Lego. This gift might just be the right for them. This mug can be given as a gift to children and adults too. It is made of BPA-free plastic and holds as much as 350ml of any beverage. It is high-temperature resistant and can be used for tea, coffee, cocoa or water. It is a really stylish item design to look good and be practical at the same time. The cup comes in various colors, ranging from white and yellow to black and green. It comes in a total of 8 colors so there is a big chance everyone’s favorite color is already covered. It can only be washed by hand and it comes loaded with a pack of Lego bricks.

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Detailed information about Build On Brick Mug Coffee

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves nerdy stuff or just loves playing with Lego. Any coffee lover would appreciate having their coffee in a fun and creative cup too. This cup is one of a kind and cannot be replaced by any other cup. People sometimes use it as a centerpiece on which they add more Lego blocks. This cup definitely looks good on any shelf and on any table.