Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Birth Month Bangle Bracelet

Celebrate life with this unique bangle bracelet. This beautiful piece of jewelry makes an excellent gift for any friend’s or family member’s birthday. It is also an excellent Mother’s Day gift It is even perfect for a “just because” occasion. Whatever the cause of celebration, this bracelet is an excellent present that will show your gift recipient just how deeply you care about them.

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Detailed information about Alex and Ani Bangle Bar Birth Month Bangle Bracelet

The designer and manufacturer behind this piece of jewelry, the well-known and well-reputed jewelry brand Alex and Ani, is on a mission to make beautiful and ethical jewelry. The team at Alex and Ani designs and creates all of their jewelry in the United States and makes use of recycled materials for a full lineup of environmentally friendly products across the board. The founder and CEO, Carolyn Rafaelian, comes from an impressive lineage of United States jewelry makers, and truly knows how to create wearable art that is both beautiful and meaningful. Alex and Ani also value charitable giving and corporate social responsibility, taking into account local economies and customer empowerment as they craft their products. They also have a Charity by Design program, along with other outreach initiatives, and have donated more than $46 million to various nonprofit organizations since the founding of the company in 2004.