The Aqua Quest Kona Waist Pouch

Bring fanny packs to a whole new level with this water-resistant waist pouch from Aqua Quest. The company strategically brought together a sports pouch and a money belt, providing you with an extremely comfortable, soft, strong, and very breathable hybrid waist pack. It’s even comfortable against bare skin, and its elastic strap can accommodate waist sizes from 27 inches to 52 inches.

With no seams, and the use of Double PU coated Lyrca, the Kona waist pack is extremely resilient to the forces of nature, be it sand, sweat, dirt, and even water. As long as you keep the waterproof zipper securely closed and avoid jumping into a full body of water, anything you keep inside shouldn’t get wet. There is even a second, separate compartment to keep things further protected within.

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Detailed information about The Aqua Quest Kona Waist Pouch

The Kona is extremely lightweight and very easy to hide underneath clothing to keep it concealed from prying eyes and avoid anyone possibly seeing any valuables you may have. At just under three ounces in weight, you may even forget you are wearing it! It can easily fit your phone, keys, wallet, gum, and whatever other small items you’ll need on your outing. It works so much better than running with a big, bulky armband, that doesn’t fit much more than a phone, and doesn’t do anything to conceal the items.